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40 FAQs
Where can I buy Mountain Systems products?
Is CallerID required to use CallAudit?
What type of modem do I need?
Are multiple mailboxes supported in CallAudit Voice
Can more than one telephone line be used?
Does MSI sell both hardware and software?
Can I use MSI software with Outlook?
Can I use MSI software with ACT!?
Do I need a sound card?
Can CallAudit announce who is calling using the PC speakers?
Can I have the CallerID information displayed on other computers over a PC network?
My modem does not display CallerID. What can I do?
I can't get the software to start up correctly after installation. What should I do?
When CallAudit Voice answers, the greeting plays over the PC speakers and not the telephone line. What causes that?
Does CallAudit include Fax support?
Can CallAudit be used with my telephone system?
If I decide to purchase, do I need to order the CD?
What is the difference between CallAudit Voice and the other CallAudit products?
Does CallAudit include support for pagers and beepers?
What E-Mail options does CallAudit include?
Can CallAudit Voice block calls from telemarketers like the TeleZapper?
Can CallAudit dial outgoing calls?
How many calls can be displayed in the call log?
How do I locate information for calls that occurred months ago?
Can CallAudit block incoming calls?
Can I change processing options in CallAudit Voice for different callers?
Can CallAudit Voice operate differently on different telephone lines?
How many numbers can the PhoneBook hold?
Can the same PC be used for other functions when telephone calls occur?
Will the software also track outgoing calls made from any telephone?
What kind of screen pop options are supported?
Is CallAudit difficult to install?
Can I call in remotely and get my voice messages?
Can I hear voice messages as they are being recorded?
Can CallAudt Voice call me on my cell phone and play back any new voice messages?
Can CallAudit Voice automatically end a voice message when the caller hangs up?
How do I stop CallAudit Voice when I manually answer a call
My call log is empty. Can I still see past call information?
Can I upgrade from one CallAudit Version to another one?
How do CallAudit Voice and CallAudit Voice Pro differ?
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